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Get Out

Wander through blooming gardens of fairy-tale castles, attend a colourful street-art festival, take in coastal and mountainous views for miles, or climb
some of the UK’s highest peaks. This is spring in Aberdeenshire.

Our notice board is kept up to date with the latest announcements where you can click and find out lots more information on each!


Looking for a weekend activity? There are a number of walking and cycling maps for towns across Aberdeenshire to explore, get out and have an adventure!


Aberdeenshire Council have installed a network of charge points across Aberdeenshire. Look out for new locations that will be installed in 2023…


More and more people are reducing to one car in the home or even giving up cars completely! This is aided by active liftshare programs and car clubs all across Aberdeenshire.


Join the movement to get more people riding bikes by joining Love to Ride! Log your rides, find support to ride more, connect with other riders and win prizes throughout the year.


Have you used a Grasshopper ticket yet? These allow you to travel across both bus providers Stagecoach and First Bus in Aberdeen City and Shire. Making it even easier to get around!

Val(y), the brother of Thor (the Viking God of Thunder) was accidentally left behind on a Viking voyage to Aberdeenshire in 1000AD.

Adopting the name Val the Forgotten he has spent the past 1000 years looking for ways to return home as a true Viking, Val(y) the Valid. A Viking no longer in the shadows of his brother. After 100s of years of waiting and hiding in isolation, he discovered Aberdeenshire’s Get About Campaign and with that the concept of Sustainable Travel and Electric Vehicles. Who needs the Bifrost when you have an Aberdeenshire bus pass! Could you help Val(y) on his quest to return home as the God of ‘renewable electricity!’


When you start the quest you’ll be given a clue to find your first QR code on the quest. When you find this QR code, scan it and Val will unlock key information to help you on your quest.

You’ll have to correctly answer a question to unlock your next clue to help you find the next QR code. Repeating this process until you’ve unlocked all 5 rings and send Val home!


You unlocked the next clue!

Next to the riverside, where waters flow and sway, the next clue's on the picnic bench, come without delay.


You unlocked the next clue!

Head to the library, don't disappoint, the next clue's location: the EV charge point.


You unlocked the next clue!

Follow the river's winding strand, the next clue hides, near the old bandstand


You unlocked the final clue!

Your quest is complete you have successfully managed to solve every clue and by doing so collected all the ring's to send Val Home!


You unlocked the next clue!

Ellon Academy, our journey's nearly through, at the electric bike rack, the final clue waits for you.


Wrong answer this time, please try again!